Plaga Cabernet Sauvignon is a modern red, bold, with a good balance between fruity and aging notes, like clove and other species. A friendly wine with big structure and long finish. Color: Ruby-red color. Aroma: Primary aromas ofdark fruits (mulberry, plums), with hints of balsamic spices and pepper. Oak-aging introduces complexity with spices like rosemary and clove, also some others more sweets like toffee. Palate: A big structure with soft on the palate, balances the fruits from grapes and 9 months aging with oaks blend.


Origin: 40% Cabernet Sauvignon Chile Central Valley / 25% Merlot Chile Central Valley / 20% Syrah Italy Sicily / 15% Cabernet Sauvignon Spain Fermentation: 14 days with French yeast at temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. Aged: 12 months in contact with American Oak and French oak. Alcohol: 12.8% Vintage: 2016


Plaga wines are made under the same parameters of vinification as prestigious vineyards in Australia, Chile and California. The fermentation process occurs under low temperatures using stainless steel tanks, pipes and pumps in order to preserve and extract the highest quality juice from imported grapes. In the stabilisation, clarification and filtration stages we have used only first quality enological products from overseas, assuring the quality of our product. The bottling process has been made in a special Italian bottling line to ensure a perfect seal and the correct evolution of the wine in bottle. Time, dedication and the most modern technology are an essential part of the vinification of each bottle of Plaga Wine.


A bottle of Vintage Club of Plaga Cabernet Sauvignon Magmum is the perfect compliment to your favourite meal, whether a rich and savoury beef rendang, a juicy rump steak or a spicy pasta arrabiata. It also combines beautifully with desserts, especially those made with chocolate and cinnamon


Colour: Ruby red, the colour of young varietal wine. Aroma: A complex blend of red fruits such as berries and plums, with hints of chocolate, black pepper and spices. Oak aging introduces memories of complex toasted and coffee notes also Palate: Soft, young and fruity, a delicate wine with good structure and a taste that is fresh, round and well balanced. A friendly wine with a long pleasant finish.